Attraction In Spanish

There’s a few things to keep in mind when it comes to talking about attraction in Spanish. It’s no wonder that the basis for many of the Spanish words for “attraction” is the verb atraer the attraction between two magnets, that pull between two objects.

To talk about how you feel attraction you could say:

I was immediately attracted to [him/her].
Inmediatamente me sentí atraído por [él/ella].
ihn-meh-dee-ah-tah-MEHN-teh meh sehn-TEE ah-trah-EE-doh pohr [EHL/EH-yah].

To talk about someone who is attractive you could say:

I find you attractive.
Me pareces atractivo/a.
meh pah-reh-sehs ah-trahk-TEE-voh/ah.

“Attraction” as a noun in reference to a person is atracción. Such as:

sexual attraction
atracción sexual
ah-trahc-see-OHN sehks-oo-AHL


I feel an attraction to [him/her].
Siento atracción por [él/ella].
see-ehn-toh ah-trahk-see-OHN pohr [EHL/eh-yah].

If you are talking about “attraction” as a noun in reference to an object or thing you would use encanto.  Being attracted (or not attracted) to a place or thing would be expressed like this:

To me, country life has no attraction.
Para mí la vida en el campo no tiene ningún encanto.
PAH-rah mee lah VEE-dah ehn ehl CAHM-poh noh tee-YEHN-eh nihn-GOON ehn-CAHN-toh.

Attracting attention in Spanish

When you are translating phrases from English to Spanish, you can’t always do a literal translation since it would lose its meaning after the translation. One example is “attracting attention” used in different contexts. In English it’s more common to say “attracting attention” where in Spanish it’s more common to say “calling attention.”

To attract attention…
Llamar la atención…
yah-MAHR lah ah-tehn-see-OHN…

If someone likes to attract attention you could say:

[He/She] likes to attract attention.
(Él/Ella) le gusta llamar la atención.
(EHL/EH-yah) leh GOO-stah yah-MAHR lah ah-tehn-see-OHN.

Similarly, if someone catches your eye you could say:

[He/She] caught my attention.
(Él/Ella) me llamó la atención.
Ehl/EH-yah meh yah-MOH lah ah-tehn-see-OHN.

In the following phrases you can use it to describe how hot someone is:

She’s a girl that attacts attention.
Ella es una chica que llama la atención.
EH-yah ehs oon-ah chee-kah keh yah-mah lah ah-tehn-see-OHN.

He’s a guy that attracts attention.
Él es un chico que llama la atención.
EHL ehs oon chee-koh keh yah-mah lah ah-tehn-see-OHN.

Here’s something to watch out for. If you want to tell somebody to pay attention to something you would use “lend attention” instead of “pay attention.” So:

Pay attention!
¡Presta atención!
¡Preh-stah ah-tehn-see-OHN!

Similar to saying you’re attracted to someone is saying you’re interested in them. This is another spot where a literal translation can cause problems. If you wanted to say you’re interested in someone and you use the literal translation you probably would say:

I’m interested in her.
Estoy interesado en ella.
ehs-toy een-teh-reh-sah-doh ehn eh-yah.

(or a female would say)

I’m interested in him.
Estoy interesada en él.
ehs-toy een-teh-reh-sah-dah ehn EHL.

The problem with this literal translation in Spanish is it translates more like you are interested in this person for selfish reasons or financial gain. “Gold-digger” could be a fair description of it. A better way to say you are interested in someone is:

She interests me.
Ella me interesa.
eh-yah meh een-teh-reh-sah.

(or a female would say)

He interests me.
Él me interesa.
EHL meh een-teh-reh-sah.

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