How To Say Beautiful In Spanish

How do you say “beautiful” in Spanish? There’s a few common ways to say “beautiful,” “pretty” and “cute” in Spanish. These vary from one Spanish speaking country to another but if you had to generalize them you could probably say:






If you are new to Spanish remember to end the above words with “o” if you are talking about a guy and “a” if you are talking about a woman.

You are beautiful in Spanish

Here’s how to say it to a woman using hermosa from above:

You are beautiful.
Eres hermosa.
eh-rehs ehr-moh-sah.

To say “beautiful woman” you can say mujer hermosa:

She is a beautiful woman.
Ella es una mujer hermosa.
eh-yah ehs oo-nah moo-hehr ehr-moh-sah.

She is a beautiful girl.
Ella es una chica hermosa.
eh-yah ehs oo-nah chica ehr-moh-sah.

Just like in English you can tell someone they are beautiful or that they look beautiful right now. Here’s how to say you look beautiful right now:

You look beautiful. (right now)
Estás hermosa.
eh-STAHS ehr-moh-sah.

Handsome in Spanish

The most universal way to say “handsome” is guapo. When you say it to a girl (guapa) it means “beautiful” or “pretty.” Guapo is not used for “handsome” in a few countries in Latin America. In those places they use buen mozo and others to say “handsome.” In those countries guapo can mean courageous, hardworking or even a bully.

handsome (for guys)

beautiful/pretty (for girls)

To compliment a guy:

You are handsome.
Eres guapo.
eh-rehs gwah-poh.

To say “handsome man” you can say hombre guapo:

He is a handsome man.
Él es un hombre guapo.
ÉHL ehs oon ohm-breh gwah-poh.

You look handsome. (You look handsome right now)
Estás guapo.
eh-STAHS gwah-poh.

One thing about guapo/a is the “g” in this case is faint or pretty much silent. To your ear it will probably sound more like wah-poh.

If you are looking for a translation of “good-looking” for both men and women guapo/a is probably the closest since the other words mentioned at the top of this post lean more toward “pretty,” “cute” and “beautiful.”

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