Body Language And Attraction

If you don’t speak Spanish very well and you want to hook up with Spanish speakers your communication through body language is going to be even more important than when you are communicating in English- and it’s already pretty important in English. Entire books have been written about body language and using it for seduction. I’m not going to crack that open for this post, you can find plenty by doing a search online. I’m going to focus on the Spanish translations of body language and things related to it.

The translation of “body language” is languaje corporal.

Here’s an example of it used in a sentence:

She has sexy body language.
Ella tiene languaje corporal sexy.
eh-yah tee-ehn-eh lahn-gwah-heh kohr-pohr-ahl sehk-see.

She has seductive body language.
Ella tiene languaje corporal seductor.
eh-yah tee-ehn-eh lahn-gwah-heh kohr-pohr-ahl seh-dook-tohr.

Side note: The Spanish translation of “seductive” is seductor. You may have noticed in the above sentence seductor was masculine instead of the feminine version, seductora. It’s because seductor is describing the body language and not the girl. The term “body language” in Spanish is masculine. If you just wanted to say “she is seductive” ella es seductora, then you would use the feminine version of seductor since you are using it to describe the woman and not the body language of the woman.  

Here’s a few things related to body language:

I just made eye contact with her.
Acabo de cruzar la mirada con ella.
ah-kah-boh deh kroo-sahr lah mee-rah-dah kohn eh-yah.

She keeps staring at me.
Ella me mantiene la mirada.
eh-yah meh mahn-tee-ehn-eh lah mee-rah-dah.

If someone is staring at you and you don’t like it, you can use these:

What are you looking at?
¿Qué miras?
¿kEH mee-rahs?

Stop staring!
¡Deja de mirar!
¡deh-hah deh mee-rahr!

Some generalizations about body language:

People have less reserved body language in Latin America. Besides that, their idea of personal space is smaller. Often people will be closer to you than in Western countries. It doesn’t necessarily mean that this person is attracted to you, it’s just the way the culture is. Touching another person isn’t as big of a deal as in the English speaking world, either. You might think someone likes you because they are touching you but they could just be friendly and it’s normal in their culture.

In most countries in the Spanish speaking world they maintain harder eye contact when it comes to attraction. Be prepared and practice holding it like they do.

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