Breaking Up In Spanish

It is almost as important to know how to end things as it is to know how to begin them. Think of how hard it is break up with someone if you don’t know how to say it in their language.

Here’s a few ways you can say you want to break up in Spanish:

I don’t want to see you anymore.
No te quiero ver nunca mas.
noh teh kee-eh-roh vehr noon-kah mahs.

I don’t want to go out anymore.
No quiero salir juntos ninguna más.
noh kee-EHR-oh SAH-leer HOON-tohs neen-GOO-nah mAHs.

I want to break up with you.
Quiero que terminemos.
kee-EHR-oh keh tehr-mee-neh-mohs.

I want to break up with you. (stronger)
Quiero romper contigo.
kee-EHR-oh rohm-PEHR kohn TEE-goh.

If someone is in a relationship and you want to find out if they are going to break up with their boyfriend or girlfriend you can say:

Are you going to break up with [him/her]?
¿Vas a romper con [él/ella]?
vahs ah rohm-PEHR kohn [EHL/EH-yah]

To cheat on someone in Spanish

Do you have a feeling your novio/a is sleeping with someone else? Here’s a couple ways to confront them. The most common way is:

You’re cheating on me!
¡Me estás poniendo los cuernos!
¡meh ehs-tAHs poh-nee-ehn-do lohs cwehr-nohs!

Cuernos means “horns.” The literal translation of this is “You’re putting the horns to me.” This is an informal/colloquial way to say it but it’s most common. A more formal way to say it is:

You’re cheating on me!
¡Me estás engañando!
¡meh ehs-tAHs ehn-gahn-yahn-doh!

Which literally translates to “You’re deceiving me” but if you’re speaking to your Spanish girlfriend/boyfriend they know what you’re talking about. If you want to confront them about why they cheated on you, you can say:

Why did you cheat on me?
¿Por qué me pusiste los cuernos?
¿pohr kEH meh poo-sees-teh lohs cwehr-nohs?


Why did you cheat on me?
¿Por qué me engañaste?
¿por kEH meh ehn-gahn-yahs-teh?

An unfaithful lover/spouse is infiel.

If someone cheated you on a transaction or a game you can still say ¿Por qué me engañaste? It’s the most common way to say “Why did you cheat me?” The cheater would be called a tramposo.

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