Cheers And Beer In Spanish

Handy phrases before going out or partying:

Let’s party (tonight).
Vamos de parranda (esta noche).
vah-mohs deh pah-rrahn-dah (eh-stah noh-cheh).

I can’t wait to go out.
No me aguanto por salir.
noh meh ah-gwahn-toh pohr sah-leer.

We’re going to have a great time.
Vamos a divertirnos a sus anchas.
vah-mohs ah dee-vehr-teer-nohs ah soos ahn-chahs.

I want to drink tonight.
Quiero tomar esta noche.
kee-eh-roh toh-mahr ehs-tah noh-cheh.

Let’s have a drink.
Vamos a tomar un trago.
vah-mohs ah toh-mahr oon trah-goh.

Getting there:

Let’s not walk.
No caminemos.
noh kah-mee-neh-mohs.

Let’s take a taxi.
Tomemos un taxi.
toh-meh-mohs oon tah-ksee.

Let’s drive.
Vamos en carro. / Manejemos.
vah-mohs ehn kah-rroh. / mah-neh-heh-mohs.

Before going in bars, clubs, etc.

Let’s check out what this place is like.
Vamos a ver cómo está este lugar.
vah-mohs ah vehr kOH-moh ehs-tAH ehs-teh loo-gahr.

Is there a cover charge here?
¿Cobran por entrar aquí?
¿coh-brahn pohr ehn-trahr ah-kEE?

Phrases for bars and clubs

Follow this link if you want phrases for meeting people in bars and clubs. This other post has translations more specifically for clubs and dancing.

Below covers how to order drinks, how much they cost, asking someone what they want to drink or even telling someone that you don’t want to drink. Plus the names of different drinks in Spanish like beer, draft beer, shots, wine, mixed drinks, etc. along with a couple useful translations for ice, lemon, etc.

Ordering drinks:

Want a drink? / Can I get you a drink?
¿Quieres tomar algo?
¿kee-eh-rehs toh-mahr ahl-goh?

What’ll you have?
¿Qué tomas?
¿kEH toh-mahs?

How much do the beers cost here?
¿Cuánto valen las cervezas aquí?
¿kwAHn-toh vah-lehn lahs sehr-veh-sahs ah-kEE?

[A beer / two beers], please.
[Una cerveza / Dos cervezas], por favor.
[oo-nah sehr-veh-sah / dohs sehr-veh-sahs], pohr fah-vohr.

I’m not drinking, thank you.
No tomo nada, gracias.
noh toh-moh nah-dah, grah-see-ahs.

Do you have any bar snacks?
¿Tiene algo para picar?
¿tee-eh-neh ahl-goh pah-rah pee-kahr?

I’ll have _____.
Dame _____.
daH-meh _____.

a beer
una [cerveza / fría / birra]
oo-nah [sehr-veh-sah / frEE-ah / bee-rrah]

a shot
un trago
oon trah-goh

a red wine
un vino tinto
oon vee-noh teen-toh

a glass of champagne
una copa de champán
oon-ah koh-pah deh chahm-pAHn

a coke
una coca-cola
oo-nah koh-kah-koh-lah

with ice
con hielo
kohn ee-eh-l-oh

a draft beer
una [cerveza de barril / caña]
oo-nah sehr-veh-sah deh bah-rreel / kah-nyah]

a mixed drink
un combinado
oon kohm-bee-nah-doh

a white wine
un vino blanco
oon vee-noh blahn-koh

some juice
un jugo
oon hoo-goh

a water
un agua
oon ah-gwah

with lemon
con limón
kohn lee-mOHn

Mixed drinks:

I’d like a shot of _____ (and _____ mixer).
Quiero un trago de _____ (con _____).
kee-eh-roh oon trah-goh deh _____ (kohn _____).


ginebra / gin
hee-nehb-rah / heen



tonic water
(agua) tónica
(ah-gwah) tOH-nee-kah






orange juice
zumo (Spain) / jugo de naranja (Latin Am.)
soo-moh / hoo-goh deh nah-rahn-hah

Another bottle, shot, round:

Another [beer / bottle], (please).
Otra [cerveza / botella], (por favor).
oh-trah [sehr-veh-sah / boh-teh-yah], (pohr fah-vohr).

Another shot of _____, (please).
Otro trago de _____, (por favor).
oh-troh trah-goh deh _____, (pohr fah-vohr).

Another round, (please).
Otra ronda, (por favor).
oh-trah rohn-dah, (pohr fah-vohr).

I’m (so) drunk.
Estoy (muy) borracho/a.
ehs-toy (mwee) boh-rrah-choh/ah.

I’ve drunk too much.
He tomado demasiado.
eh toh-mah-doh deh-mah-see-ah-doh.

You’re (so) drunk.
Estás (muy) borracho/a.
ehs-tAHs (mwee) boh-rrah-choh/ah.

You’ve drunk too much.
Has tomado demasiado.
ahs toh-mah-doh deh-mah-see-ah-doh.

Paying for drinks:

How much do I owe you?
¿Cuánto te debo?
¿kwAHn-toh teh deh-boh?

I’ll get this round.
Pago esta ronda.
pah-goh ehs-tah rohn-dah.

It’s my turn.
Me toca.
meh toh-kah.

Let’s go half and half.
Vamos a medias.
vah-mohs ah meh-dee-ahs.

When is closing time?
¿A qué hora cierran?
¿ah kEH oh-rah see-ehr-rahn?

Making a toast:

Let’s make a toast.
Hagamos un brindis.
ah-gah-mohs oon breen-dees.

For starters, salud (sah-LOOD) is a simple, typical toast. It basically means “to your health.” However, it is also used when someone sneezes, so you might want to consider saying something a little more original.

A toast!
¡Una brindis!
¡oo-nah breen-dees!


Bottoms up!
¡Fondo blanco!
¡fohn-doh blahn-koh!

¡Chin, Chin!
¡cheen, cheen!

A toast to your health!
¡A tu salud!
¡ah too sah-lood!


Here’s to you!
¡Que cumplas muchos más!
¡keh koom-plahs moo-chohs mAHs!

Health, prosperity, and love!
¡Salud, dinero y amor!
¡sah-lood, dee-neh-roh ee ah-mohr!

Down the hatch!
¡Arriba, abajo, al centro y p’dentro!
¡ahr-ree-bah, ah-bah-hoh, ahl sehn-troh ee p’dehn-troh!

If you want you can say something such as:


Let’s toast to…
Brindemos por
brihn-DEH-mohs pohr…

I’d like to propose a toast to…
Me gustaría proponer un brindis por…
meh goo-stah-REE-ah proh-poh-NEHR oon BRIHN-dihs pohr…

Then add something such as:


the future
el futuro
ehl foo-TOO-roh

nosotros mismos
noh-soh-trohs mees-mohs

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