Condoms And Birth Control In Spanish

Slowing things down:


Not so fast.
No tan de prisa.
noh tahn deh pree-sah.

I’m not ready.
No estoy listo/a.
noh ehs-toy lees-toh/ah.

It’s too soon.
Me parece muy pronto.
meh pah-reh-seh mwee prohn-toh.


It’s the wrong time of the month.
Tengo la regla.
tehn-goh lah reh-glah.

Talking about condoms in Spanish:

The Spanish translation of “condom” – condón is similar to English. Some other common translations are preservativo and forro.

Do you have a condom?
Tienes un condón? (or preservativo)
Tee-ehn-ehs oon kohn-DOHN? (or preh-sehr-vah-TEE-voh)

I have a condom.
Tengo un condón.
(noh) tehn-goh oon cohn-DOHN.

I don’t have a condom.
No tengo un condón.
noh tehn-goh oon cohn-DOHN.

You have to use a condom.
Tienes que usar un condón.
tee-ehn-ehs keh oo-sahr oon cohn-dohn.

I want to use a condom.
Quiero usar un condón.
kee-yehr-oh oo-sahr oon con-DOHN.

I insist.

Birth control and contraception in Spanish:

If you have time to discuss things ahead of time you can bring up what kind of contraception to use:

What type of Contraception do you want to use?
¿Qué tipo de anticontracepción quieres usar?
keh TEE-poh deh ahn-tee-cohn-trah-sehp-see-OHN kee-YEHR-ehs OOH-sahr

Are you on the pill?
¿Tomas la píldora (anticonceptiva)?
TOH-mahs lah PEEL-doh-rah (ahn-tee-cohn-sehp-TEE-vah)

I’m on the pill.
Tomo la píldora.
toh-moh lah pEEl-doh-rah.

I’m not on the pill.
No tomo la píldora.
noh toh-moh lah pEEl-doh-rah.

Do you use an IUD?
¿Tienes un DIU?
tee-YEHN-ehs oon DEH-EE-OO

I use an IUD.
Tengo [el aparato / la “T”].
tehn-goh [ehl ah-pah-rah-toh / lah “teh”].

Knowing Spanish safe sex and contraception phrases is important whether things are going to happen or not.

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  1. Juli says:

    How do you say “will you please pull out?” in spanish?? very important!!!

    • Jason says:

      I’d drop the please and say it with some authority…

      sácala antes de terminar = pull it out before finishing

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