Foreplay In Spanish

When you start learning Spanish the first translations you’ll learn for the word “take” is tomar. But “take” and “take off” have two different meanings. In Spanish they don’t use tomar. They use quitar which translates “to remove.”  So if you want someone to take off their clothes use these:

Take off [my/your] shirt.
[Quítame/Quítate] la camiseta.
[kEE-tah-meh]/[kEE-tah-teh] lah kah-mee-seh-tah.

Take off [my/your] pants.
[Quítame/Quítate] los pantalones.
[kEE-tah-meh]/[kEE-tah-teh] lohs pahn-tah-loh-nehs.

Take my clothes off.
Quítame la ropa.
kEE-tah-meh lah roh-pah.

Take your clothes off.
Quítate la ropa.
kEE-tah-teh lah roh-pah.

or to slow things down…

Don’t take my clothes off.
No me quites la ropa.
noh meh kee-tehs lah roh-pah.

Don’t take your clothes off.
No te quites la ropa.
noh teh kee-tehs lah roh-pah.

Take one of the verb phrases below and combine it with one of the nouns underneath them for instant foreplay phrases. Hundreds of combinations and hours of fun. All the verbs from “caress” to “bite” and all the nouns from “neck” to “foreskin.” Example:

“Kiss me” would be “Bésame.” “Kiss my legs” would be “Bésame las piernas.”

Kiss [me / my _____].
Bésame _____.
bEH-sah-meh _____.

Touch [me / my _____].
Tócame _____.
tOH-kah-meh _____.

Caress [me / my _____].
Acaríciame _____.
ah-kah-rEE-see-ah-meh _____.

Pinch [me / my _____].
Pellízcame _____.
peh-yEEs-kah-meh _____.

Bite [me / my _____].
Muérdeme _____.
mwehr-deh-meh _____.



los brazos
lohs brah-sohs

los huevos
lohs weh-vohs

los senos
lohs seh-nohs

la verga
lah vehr-gah

las orejas
lahs oh-reh-hahs

los dedos
lohs deh-dohs

el pelo
ehl peh-loh

las piernas
lahs pee-ehr-nahs

el cuello
ehl kweh-yoh

pubic hair
el vello púbico
ehl veh-yoh pOO-bee-koh

los muslos
lohs moos-lohs

los dedos de los pies
lohs deh-dohs deh lohs pee-ehs

Suck [me / my _____].
Chúpame _____.
chOO-pah-meh _____.

Rub [me / my _____].
Frótame _____.
frOH-tah-meh _____.

Lick [me / my _____].
Lámeme _____.
lAH-meh-meh _____.

Pull [me / my _____].
Tírame _____.
tEE-rah-meh _____.

Squeeze [me / my _____].
Apriétame _____.
ah-pree-EH-tah-meh _____.



el culo
ehl koo-loh

(entire) body
el cuerpo (entero)
ehl kwehr-poh ehn-tehr-oh

el clitoris
ehl klee-tohr-ees

la entrepierna
lah ehn-treh-pee-ehr-nah

los pies
lohs pee-ehs

el prepucio
ehl preh-poo-see-oh

las manos
lahs mah-nohs

los labios
lohs lah-bee-ohs

los pezones
lohs peh-soh-nehs

el chocho/la chocha
ehl choh-choh/lah choh-chah

las tetas
lahs teh-tahs


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7 Responses

  1. Guest says:

    Great blog 9/10! Bookmarked 🙂

  2. mela says:

    My husband is from Guatemala and they use the words chinga chingadero and puta all the time and it drives me crazy! Mainly because I never know quite exactly what is going on. The best I’ve done so far in figuring things out is puta seems to be used a lot to mean fuck when they’re expressing how stupid or silly something is as in “la puta” when he’s saying “whatever” basically to his friends although sometimes he just throws it in randomly during conversations he’ll just say “puta”. Don’t know what the difference is. I’ve also heard him say it like “puta madre”. And chingo and chingadero just completely confuses me because I’ve heard him say it like “los chingo policía” which I’m assuming means “the fucking police” and I’ve heard him just say chingado and chingadero and use it in texts but he can’t seem to clarify anything. All i ever get is “ees yust a word Mela!” Just wondering if you could shed some light. Sorry for writing a novel!

    • Jason says:

      I was in Guatemala only briefly back in the 90s and don’t remember any of their slang but all the chinga related slang sounds more Mexican than Central American. Maybe it’s drifting into some of the countries bordering Mexico or he hangs with a lot of Mexican people.

      I’d like to give a helpful answer but all the chinga (Mexico) and puta (everywhere) slang can mean so many things depending on context and region. It’s like if someone asked us what “fuck” means. You can say it means to have sex but it has all the other contexts: fucking cool, fucking bullshit, who gives a fuck, fuck off, I’m fucked, fuck yeah, dumb fuck, tired as fuck, are you fucking with me, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc…..

      • Nigel says:

        I live in Spain and as far as we are concerned here PUTA means prostitute.
        Hope you are still married to your husband Mela!

    • Cassie says:

      So I’m American and basically grew up in the middle of nowhere with like 99% white population and very very very few of them even know more than 5 words of Spanish, so my Spanish is nowhere near fluent, but I do know a lot of Spanish slang. So I hope this helps you understand a little better.
      1. Chinga- I’m thinking this is meant to be “chingao” which basically like saying “fuck!”
      2. Chingadero- is “fagot”
      3. Puta- by itself is technically a “prostitute” or a “whore”, but most use it in terms of saying “bitch”, but honestly it’s one of those slang terms that basically translates into whichever curse word you’re most fond of. Like saying “hijo de puta” is saying “son of a bitch” or “puta madre” (which you mentioned hearing) is “mother fucker”.
      4. Chingo- as for this word…as far as I am aware, it just means “short”. So from what I’m gathering he’s saying “the short police”. But I could be wrong. Hope this helps.

  3. Richard says:

    Great site! Why is there a feminine and masculine for Pussy? I guess only Concha makes sense?

    • Jason says:

      Just depends on the country. In some it’s “chocho” in others it’s ” chocha.”

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