Girlfriend In Spanish

The spanish translation of “girlfriend” is novia:


Ex girlfriend is just like in English:

ex girlfriend
ex novia
ehks noh-vee-ah

In most Spanish speaking countries “girlfriend” is novia but in some places novia means more of a fiancée and a girlfriend is called amiga.

Some Spanish nicknames for “girlfriend” are – cariño, mi corazón, mi amor, mi vida, bebé, mami, nena, mi niña, mi precisosa, mi bombón.

I split the last part here in two sections, one for guys, one for gals. Here are related phrases that girls would use:

If you want to ask a guy if he has a girlfriend just remember in Spanish they don’t ask “do you have a girlfriend?” they just say “do you have girlfriend?” They don’t use the indefinite article “a” before girlfriend like we do in English.

Do you have a girlfriend?
¿Tienes novia?
¿tee-ehn-ehs noh-vee-ah?

Does he have a girlfriend?
¿Tiene novia (él)?
¿tee-eh-neh noh-vee-ah (EHl)?

Is this your girlfriend?
¿Es tu novia?
¿ehs too noh-vee-ah?

Is this his girlfriend?
¿Es su novia?
¿ehs soo noh-vee-ah?

Where is your girlfriend?
¿Donde está tu novia?
¿dohn-deh ehs-tAH too noh-vee-ah?

Sometimes you might need to say it yourself:

I’m his girlfriend.
Soy la novia de él.
soy lah noh-vee-ah deh él.

These are phrases that man can use. Here is how to say “my girlfriend”:

My girlfriend
Mi novia
mee noh-vee-ah

I (don’t) have a girlfriend.
(No) tengo novia.
(noh) tehn-goh noh-vee-ah.

By putting no before tengo novia you negate the sentence and you’re saying you don’t have a girlfriend. Like I mentioned earlier you don’t use an indefinite article like in English- you say “I don’t have girlfriend” not “I don’t have a girlfriend.”

I’m here with my girlfriend.
Estoy aquí con mi novia.
ehs-toy ah-kEE kohn mee noh-vee-ah.

This is my girlfriend.
Esta es mi novia.
ehs-tah ehs mee noh-vee-ah.

She (over there) is my girlfriend.
Ella (allá) es mi novia.
eh-yah (ah-yAH) ehs mee noh-vee-ah.

I love my girlfriend.
Quiero a mi novia.
kee-ehr-oh ah mee noh-vee-ah.

I broke up with my girlfriend.
Rompí con mi novia.
rohm-pEE kohn mee noh-vee-ah.

My girlfriend cheated on me.
Mi novia me puso los cuernos.
mee noh-vee-ah me poo-soh lohs kwehr-nohs.

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