Giving A Look

A couple months ago I made a post about all the different translations in Spanish for the word “look” depending on the context. The noun version of the word “look” (ex: Did you see that look she gave me?) I felt deserved it’s own post… so here it is.

When you use the word “look” as a noun the translation is mirada. Example:

Did you see that look [he/she] gave me?
¿Viste la mirada que me dio?
¿vees-teh lah mee-rah-dah keh meh dee-oh?

Since Spanish is a gender specific language you might be wondering if the noun mirada should be masculine and end with an “o” if it’s in reference to a male. The answer’s no and that also goes for any adjective that describes or modifies mirada. So a “lustful look” whether from a guy or girl will always be mirada lasciva. Here it is in a phrase:

[He/She] gave me a lustful look.
Me dio una mirada lasciva.
meh dee-oh oo-nah mee-rah-dah lahs-see-vah.

If you want to say it more colloquially and less formal you could say:

[He/She] is really giving you the eye.
Está comiéndote con la mirada.
ehs-tAH koh-mee-EHn-doh kohn lah mee-rah-dah.

The above would literally translate to something like “she’s eating you with the look.”

In phrases where we use the word “look” as a noun you could substitute it for the verb in Spanish:

He gave me a dirty look. (not lustful but instead disapproval)
Me miró mal. (Literally: He looked at me badly)
meh mee-rOH mahl.

In some instances where we use the noun “look” it’s more common and natural in Spanish to use the verb:

Don’t give me that look.
No me mires así. (Literally: Don’t look at me like that)
noh meh mee-rehs ah-sEE.

Not all translations for “look” have to be emotionally charged:

I tried talking to him but he just gave me a blank look.
Intenté hablar con él pero solo me dio una mirada vacía.
een-tehn-tEH ah-blahr kohn EHl peh-roh soh-loh meh dee-oh oo-nah mee-rah-dah vah-sEE-ah.

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