Goodbye In Spanish After Meeting Someone

Nice to meet you, etc:

Nice to meet you.
Mucho gusto.
moo-choh goos-toh.


A pleasure.
Un placer.
oon plah-sehr.



Great to have met you.
Me alegro de haberte conocido.
meh ah-lehg-roh deh ah-behr-teh koh-noh-see-doh.

It was nice talking to you.
Me encantó hablar contigo.
meh ehn-kahn-tOH ah-blahr kohn-tee-goh.

Do you want a ride?
¿Quieres que te lleve?
¿kee-eh-rehs keh teh yeh-veh?

It was nice meeting you, I’m going to get back to my friends.
Fue en placer conocerte, voy a volver con mis amigos.
fweh ehn plah-sehr koh-noh-sehr-lah, voy ah vohl-vehr kohn mees ah-mee-gohs.

I have to go find my _____.
Voy a buscar a _____.
voy ah boos-kahr ah _____.

friend (a guy)
mi amigo
mee ah-mee-goh

friends (guys / mixed)
mis amigos
mees ah-mee-gohs

friend (a girl)
mi amiga
mee ah-mee-gah

friends (girls only)
mis amigas
mees ah-mee-gahs


Gotta go:

I’m in a hurry.
Tengo prisa.
tehn-goh pree-sah.

(I’m sorry,) I have to go.
(Lo siento,) me tengo que ir.
(Loh see-ehn-toh,) meh tehn-goh keh eer.

Saying goodbye:

See you later.
Hasta luego.
ahs-tah lweh-goh.

See you.
Nos vemos.
nohs veh-mohs.


Take care.

Good night.
Buenas noches.
bweh-nahs noh-chehs.


See you a little later.
Hasta lueguito.
ahs-tah lweh-gee-toh.

We’ll see each other soon.
Nos vemos pronto.
nohs veh-mohs prohn-toh.

See you then.
Hasta entonces.
ahs-tah ehn-tohn-sehs.

We’ll talk soon.
Hablamos pronto.
ah-blah-mohs prohn-toh.

Let’s stay in touch.
Estamos en contacto.
ehs-tah-mohs ehn kohn-tahk-toh.


Calling each other:

Call me.
I’ll call you.
Te llamo.
teh yah-moh.

Little extras when parting ways:

Hope everything goes well for you.
Que te vaya bien.
keh teh vah-yah bee-ehn.

Have a good trip!
¡Buen viaje!
¡bwehn vee-ah-heh!

Good luck!

Have a good time!
¡Pásala bien!
¡pAH-sah-lah bee-ehn

Have fun!

Get some rest!

Have a good one.
Que la pases bien.
keh lah pah-sehs bee-ehn.


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