“How long have you been here” in Spanish

How long have you been here?
¿Cuánto tiempo llevas aquí?
¿kwahn-toh tee-ehm-poh yeh-vahs ah-kEE?

I’ve been here _____ [days / weeks / months].
Llevo aquí _____ [días / semanas / meses].
yeh-voh ah-kEE _____ dEE-ahs / seh-mah-nahs / mehs-ehs.

Welcome to _____.
Bienvenido/a a _____.
bee-ehn-veh-nee-doh/ah ah _____.

Do you like it here?
¿Te gusta aquí?
¿teh goos-tah ah-kEE?

I love it.
Me encanta.
meh ehn-kahn-tah.

I’m a believer in having some canned responses on deck to the same questions you get asked over and over while traveling. So when someone asks “How long have you been here?” I’ll usually say:

Including the time in jail?
¿Incluyendo el tiempo en la cárcel?
¿een-kloo-yehn-doh ehl tee-ehm-poh ehn lah kAHr-cehl?

This can be used anytime you get asked how long you’ve been in this city or country or island or whatever. If you want to hook up with someone the last thing you want to be is boring and things like this will keep you out of that category. Plus it gets the other person a little more involved in the conversation.

Sometimes they’ll play along with it and say including the time in jail or not including it. If they say including the time in jail I’ll usually tell them something like three months and two days. When they ask how much of that was in jail I’ll say three months. If they say not including the time in jail I’ll say something like two or three days. Then they’ll ask how long was I in jail and I’ll say three months. The point is to make it sound like you were in for a few months and just got out.

You get extra credit if you find out the name of a jail beforehand that the locals are familiar with and say that instead of just cárcel.

After that it’s easy to throw out some other stuff like:

It worked out ok, I needed to get away from all the gringos and practice my Spanish.
Salió bien, necesité alejarme de todos los gringos y practicar mi español.
sah-lee-OH bee-ehn, neh-seh-see-tEH ah-lah-hahr-meh deh toh-dohs lohs green-gohs ee prahc-tee-kahr mee ehs-pahn-yohl.

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