How To Turn Someone Down Who Is Interested In You

This post focuses on how to turn someone down that is interested in you that you are already acquainted with and they want to turn it into something more than just friends or acquaintances.  In other words people that you already know or are a friend.

Sidenote: If you’re trying to brush-off a stranger that is hitting on you then you can just use these to turn them down instead. But when you are dealing with people you already know a little more tact is needed… unless you want to get rid of them permanently, if that’s the case follow the link above.

Back to this post. Instead of being squishy about it it’s best to just be frank. Tell them thanks but you don’t feel the same way they do:

Thanks, but I’m not interested in you that way.
Gracias, pero no estoy interesado en ti así.
grah-see-ahs, peh-roh noh ehs-toy een-teh-reh-sah-doh ehn tee ah-sEE.

Don’t take it the wrong way.
No te lo tomes a mal.
noh teh loh toh-mehs ah mahl.

I just like you as a friend.
Me gustas solo como amigo/a.
meh goos-tahs soh-loh koh-moh ah-mee-goh/ah.

It’s better for both of us.
Es mejor para los dos.
ehs meh-hohr pah-rah lohs-dohs.

If they are persisting and you need to be firmer about it you can use some of the following examples.

If this person is trying to ask you out you can say something like:

I’m not going to go out with you.
No voy a salir contigo.
noh voy ah sah-leer kohn-tee-goh.

Or more strongly…

I don’t want to go out with you.
No quiero salir contigo.
noh kee-ehr-oh sah-leer kohn-tee-goh.

If they want you to be their boyfriend/girlfriend you can say-

I’m not going to be your boyfriend/girlfriend.
No voy a ser tu novio/a.
noh voy ah sehr too noh-vee-oh/ah.

Or more strongly…

I don’t want to be your boyfriend/girlfriend.
No quiero ser tu novio/a.
noh kee-ehr-oh sehr too noh-vee-oh/ah.

And finally the death bell of passion and romance:

Let’s just be friends.
Seamos solo amigos.
seh-ah-mohs soh-loh ah-mee-gohs.

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  1. alex says:

    what about – i’m not attracted to you – no me atraes?

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