Miss Costa Rica 2002 On LatinEuro Dating Site?

If you’re the owner of the LatinEuro dating site you couldn’t really design a better publicity stunt than having a former Miss Universe contestant join your site and create a profile.


When I first saw the headline about Merilyn Villalta, Miss Costa Rica 2002, I assumed they shifted plenty o’cash to her purse but (they say) she signed up and made a profile like any new member would. Things get a little sketchier (to me) after that. They mention how she has “generated great excitement” with the members but in over three weeks has only had “22 paid requests for her contact information.” Subtext: Poor Merilyn, nobody will give her any attention, she needs you!

 Looks like she’s still taking care of herself.

I’ve never used LatinEuro before so I can’t vouch for it either way. From the sounds of it the site has a different setup than the few other Latin dating sites I’ve used. Instead of paying a flat montly fee for the site it looks like you pay for the contact info of each member you want to get in touch with.

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Back to Merilyn, I’ve seen plenty of women on these dating sites as attractive as her but someone of that status is rare. You think it’s legit or just a publicity stunt, and hence, she’s not available?

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4 Responses

  1. mnk says:

    hhhhmmmm… you’d think she knew alot of people and she isn’t locked away all day

    • Jason says:

      If you are Miss Costa Rica I’m sure you have a decent (sized, at least) social circle. Plus, to make it that far you have to be outgoing and sociable. But that was almost ten years ago, maybe she dropped out for a while. Or maybe she thinks she can land a good catch. Or maybe she’s curious. Or maybe the whole thing is BS, who knows…

  2. Gazi mahtab hassan says:

    i wanna meet any spanish or Latino lady from 40 to above and proceed further and be lover. i am a documentary filmmaker and actor from Bangladesh

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