New Excuses For Hotties To Come To Your Place…

Getting dates to come to your place in Latin America got a little easier with Netflix opening their streaming plans to countries in Latin America. I would make a note of some of the cool movies they are offering in different genres and find out what kind of movies your dates like when getting to know them and have them watch a recommendation of yours at your place. Or at their place if they have an internet connection, you would just have to log into your account.

Brazil opened for business Sept. 5, 2011 with Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay available Sept. 7 and the rest of Latin America getting filled in by Sept. 12. The prices are pretty uniform across all the countries with most the equivalent of around $8 per month for all-you-can-eat streaming shows and movies. You can set your movie language preference to English, Spanish or Portuguese. I’m not sure how subtitles work yet.

I know you can torrent probably anything you find on their service but that can be a pain in the ass especially looking for the Spanish language or subtitled versions if your dates don’t speak English well. $8 seems fair. Plus since it’s a brand new service for the region it will give you something else to talk about while you browse their selection at your place.

I’m sure the pickings will be pretty slim at launch compared to the US service and don’t know if the selection will be the same across Latin America. They got international licensing from Miramax for 140 of their movies so they should have at least some good films. They also got licensing from Telemundo for 1200 hours of purely Spanish content.

Here’s some useful phrases to put it to work for you:

What kinds of movies do you like?
¿Qué clase de películas te gustan?
¿KEH klah-seh deh peh-LEE-koo-lah teh goos-tahn?

I like _____ movies.
Me gustan las películas _____.
meh goos-tahn lahs peh-lEE-koo-lahs ___.

I have one for you at my place. I want you to see it.
Tengo una para ti en casa. Quiero que la veas.
tehn-goh oon-ah pah-rah tee ehn kah-sah. Kee-ehr-oh kay lah veh-ahs.

Or if you can’t think of a particular one to recommend:

I have a new movie service here in Latin America. They have thousands we can watch online in Spanish. Let’s find one.
Tengo un nuevo servicio de pelis aquí en América Latina. Tiene miles que podemos ver en linea en español. Busquemos una.
tehn-goh oon nweh-voh sehr-vee-see-oh deh peh-lees ah-kEE ehn ah-mEHr-ee-kah lah-teen-ah. tee-ehn-eh mee-lehs kay poh-deh-mohs vehr ehn leen-eh-ah ehn ehs-pahn-yohl. boos-kay-mohs oon-ah.

I have other translations related to movies on this page of phrases for talking about movies.

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3 Responses

  1. Steve says:

    The streaming selection will probably suck at launch.

    • Jason says:

      No doubt, but at least with the Miramax licensing it won’t be a total disaster.

      When their streaming started in the US a few years ago the quality of the titles was horrid. It’s better now, it’s easy to find good ones on it because of the sheer volume that’s available.

  2. peter says:

    Weres the beutiful womans tu chat and date

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