Romantic Spanish Phrases

If you are in a romantic relationship with someone who speaks Spanish (or want to be in one) than knowing some romantic Spanish phrases can come in handy. There are a lot of really cheesy romantic Spanish phrases out there but I’ve tried to avoid those and keep the tolerable ones.

All the phrases specifically talking about love I’ve put on the Spanish love phrases page. They are similar to the phrases on this page.

I wish you were here with me.
Desearia que estuvieras aquí conmigo.
deh-seh-ahr-ee-ah keh eh-stoo-vee-ehr-ahs ah-KEE kohn-mee-goh.

I need you by my side.
Te necesito a mi lado.
teh neh-seh-see-toh ah mee lah-doh.

I can’t live without you.
No puedo vivir sin ti.
noh pweh-doh vee-veer seen tee.

I want to be with you forever.
Quiero estar contigo para siempre.
kee-ehr-oh ehs-tahr kohn-tee-goh pah-rah see-ehm-preh.

I want to spend the rest of my life with you.
Quiero pasar el resto de mi vida contigo.
kee-eh-roh pah-sahr ehl rehs-toh deh mee vee-dah kohn-tee-goh.

I will be dreaming of you.
Voy a soñar contigo. 
voy ah sohn-yahr kohn-tee-goh.

I dream about you all the time.
Sueño contigo todo el tiempo.
sweh-nyoh kohn-tee-goh toh-doh ehl tee-ehm-poh.

You are the woman of my dreams.
Eres la mujer de mis sueños.
eh-rehs lah moo-hehr deh mees swehn-yohs.

You are the man of my dreams.
Eres el hombre de mis sueños.
eh-rehs el ohm-breh deh mees swehn-yohs.

I can’t get you out of my mind.
No puedo olvidarte.
noh pweh-doh ohl-vee-dahr-teh.

I’ve never felt this way before.
Nunca me he sentido así.
noon-kah meh eh sehn-tee-doh ah-sEE.


Spanish Love Phrases

The Spanish Love phrases on this page revolve around telling someone how much you love them. There’s also a page on Spanish romantic phrases that cover similar territory but not really using the word “love” in the phrases.

Expressing your love and feelings is the same in any language, but knowing how to say it naturally in someone else’s native tongue can make a difference.

You are the love of my life.
Eres el amor de mi vida.
eh-rehs ehl ah-mohr deh mee vee-dah.

I love you with all my heart.
Te quiero con todo mi corazón.
teh kee-eh-roh kohn toh-doh mee koh-rah-sOHn.

I love you from the bottom of my heart.
Te amo desde el fondo de mi corazon.
teh ah-moh dehs-deh ehl fohn-doh deh mee koh-rah-sohn.

My love for you never ends.
Mi amor por ti nunca se acaba.
mee ah-mohr pohr tee noon-kah seh ah-kah-bah.

I love you more than anything in the world.
Te amo más que nada en el mundo.
te ah-moh mAHs keh nah-dah ehn ehl moon-doh.

I’m hopelessly in love with you.
Estoy desesperadamente enamorado de ti.
ehs-toy deh-sehs-pehr-ah-dah-mehn-teh ehn-nah-mohr-ah-doh deh tee.

I loved you from the first moment I saw you.
Te amé desde el primer momento en que te vi.
teh ah-mEH dehs-deh ehl pree-mehr moh-mehn-toh ehn keh teh vee.

It was love at first sight.
Fue amor a primera vista.
fweh ah-mohr ah pree-meh-rah vees-tah.

I fell in love right away.
Me enamoré de un flechazo. (Literally: Fell in love from an arrow.)
meh ehn-ahm-oh-rEH deh oon fleh-chah-soh.

I will love you forever.
Te amaré para siempre.
teh ah-mah-rEH pah-rah see-ehm-preh.

Will You Marry Me In Spanish

Uh-oh… You’ve found the person that you want to be with for the rest of your life and are going to pop the question? There are many ways you can propose in Spanish. Let’s start with the basics.

Here are three ways to pop the question in Spanish from most confident to least:

Marry me.
Cásate conmigo.
kAh-sah-teh kohn-mee-goh.

Will you marry me?
¿Quieres casarte conmigo?
kee-YEHR-ehs cah-SAHR-teh cohn-MEE-goh

Would you marry me?
¿Te casarías conmigo?
¿teh cah-sah-rEE-ahs kohn mee-goh?

Here are some ways to respond:

I want to marry you.
Quiero casarme contigo.
kee-yehr-oh kah-sahr-meh kohn-tee-goh.

I will marry you.
Me casaré contigo.
meh kah-sah-rEH kohn-tee-goh.

One day I will marry you.
Algún dia me casaré contigo.
ahl-gOOn dEE-ah kah-sah-rEH kohn-tee-goh.

I can’t marry you.
No puedo casarme contigo.
noh pweh-doh kah-sahr-meh kohn-tee-goh.

Here are some phrases about proposing marriage. None of these three actually mention marriage in the sentence so if you want to make sure it’s understood that way you can end any sentence with en matrimonio. So instead of the translation being “He proposed to her” you would be saying “He proposed marriage to her.”

I proposed to her.
Me le declaré (a ella).
meh leh deh-clahr-EH (ah eh-yah).

He proposed to me.
Se me declaró.
seh meh deh-clahr-OH.

He proposed to her.
Se le declaró (a ella).
seh leh deh-clahr-OH (ah eh-yah).

If the answer is yes, here are some more phrases:

This is my fiancé. (a guy)
Este es mi prometido.
ehs-teh ehs mee proh-meh-tee-doh.

This is my fiancée. (a girl)
Esta es mi prometida.
ehs-tah ehs mee proh-meh-tee-dah.

The root Spanish verb used below when talking about being engaged is comprometerse.  You’ll probably find this most common in Latin America. When in Spain swap out comprometerse for prometerse. (Just drop the “com” from the verb.)

to be engaged
estar comprometido/a para casarse
ehs-tahr kohm-proh-meh-tee-doh/ah pah-rah kah-sahr-seh

I’m engaged.
Estoy comprometido/a.
ehs-toy kohm-proh-meh-tee-doh/ah.

Who are you engaged to?
¿Con quien estás comprometido?
¿kohn kee-ehn ehs-tAHs koh-proh-meh-tee-doh?

We got engaged.
Nos comprometimos.
nohs kohm-proh-meh-tee-mohs.

We’re engaged.
Estamos comprometidos.
ehs-tah-mohs kohm-proh-meh-tee-dohs.

He (or she) got engaged.
Se comprometió.
seh kohm-proh-meh-tee-OH.

He (or she) is engaged.
Está comprometido/a.
Ehs-tAH kohm-proh-meh-tee-doh/ah.

bachelor party
despedida de soltero
dehs-peh-dee-dah deh sohl-tehr-oh

engagement ring
anillo de compromiso
ah-nee-yoh deh kohm-proh-mee-soh.

My Honest Take On Latin American Cupid – Review

Latin American Cupid is a site for people looking to date Latinas or Latinos living in Latin America or anywhere else in the world. I’ve been a member for about a year and a half now and have gone out with several girls from it.

If you want a head start on hooking up in Latin America or just practicing your (Hookup) Spanish, this review is my honest take on it.

Some background:

Online since 2003 it now has over 1,000,000 members. They used to put the number of members on their home page but they took it down, probably so competitors don’t know their membership numbers or how fast it’s growing.

It’s normal to see 1800 or more members logged in during the day and evening. I’m logged in as I’m writing this (Thursday evening) and there are 1912 people online.

It’s a simple, well thought out site that’s easy to navigate. 

Other sites run by Latin American Cupid:

Latin American Cupid runs a few other sites that focus on Latins from a specific Latin American country- Colombian Cupid, Brazil Cupid, Mexican Cupid, Dominican Cupid. Each site also has Latina women living outside the focus country. Design and navigation are similar to Latin American Cupid.

For the guys reading this:

Though Latinas living in Latin America make up the majority of the members there are also Latin women living in the USA, Canada, Europe and other places across the world.

I’ve been happy with the Latinas I’ve met through this site both in terms of beauty and personality. Naturally not every girl on the site is going to be a runway model with a prefect personality but you won’t have a problem finding attractive, high quality women.

This evening from 6:12pm until 8:28pm I have 9 Latinas “showing interest.” This is the same as sending me a “wink” or whatever they call them on other sites. Basically a way to initiate contact. Maybe in my next blog post I’ll give an overview of the 9 girls tonight so you get an idea of what kind of women could be contacting you.

The main benefit for guys planning a trip to Latin America or moving there is you can start having contact with Latinas before you even arrive in Latin America. So once you touch down there you can already have some girls lined up to meet you. This is especially handy if you’re only going to be there a short time.

The Latinas you’ll hook up with through this site tend to be of higher quality than the typical girl you would run into in Latin America.  They tend to be better educated with better jobs. I’ve dated some that had their own cars (shocking!) and supplied the transportation when we got together. From my own experience,  I have not run into any gold diggers.

You can sign up for free but with a free membership you can only contact paying members and less than one percent of the Latin women on the site are paying members. Paid members can contact anyone and be contacted by anyone. Basically the men pay. I think it’s fair since Western men earn more than the typical Latin woman and if the women had to pay the selection would be much more limited.

I suggest trying it with a one month membership and if you’re happy with it do what I did and get a year membership for only $8 per month. Peanuts. I’m on my second one year membership. Check out Latin American Cupid here.

For the gals reading this:

I can’t speak from experience but this is what I can tell you. There are a lot of Latin American guys on this site too. Now, if you are a girl you are not going to have a problem meeting guys while traveling in Latin America, you will get hit on plenty. The benefit from a site like this for a girl is you can screen your fellas way better than just meeting random guys on the street or in bars. You can get to know them a little better and decide if you want to meet them when you arrive.

Similar to the girls in Latin America there are few guys in Latin America that are paying members. There is a reluctance among Latinos in Latin America to use their credit/debit cards online. In order to exchange messages with the vast majority of Latin men you’ll have to be a paying member. I suggest the same thing I mentioned above. Try it for one month and if you like it you can get a year membership for $8 per month.  Check out Latin American Cupid here.