Phone Numbers In Spanish

This includes Spanish translations about asking for cel, hotel, work and home phone numbers plus their address, email addy, etc. I also mention how you can ask them if they have something to write with or on in case you don’t.

I have to go, what can we do to continue this conversation later?
¿Tengo que irme, qué hacemos para continuar esta conversación más tarde?
¿tehn-goh keh eer-meh, keh ah-seh-mohs pah-rah kohn-tee-nwahr ehs-tah kohn-vehr-sah-see-OHn mAHs tahr-deh?

Spanish speakers usually give their phone number two digits at a time so at the minimum you should know your numbers in Spanish up to 100. They’ll combine numbers instead of giving you the digits individually. For example, 555-5555 is typically given as 5-55-55-55.

Can I have your number?
¿Me das tu número?
¿meh dahs too nOO-meh-roh?

And remember, if you are in doubt, have them “write it down,” escríbelo (eh-skrEE-beh-loh), so that you make sure you have the correct number.

If somebody asks for your number and you don’t have a cel or an easy way for them to get a hold of you, you can just ask them:

Why don’t you give me your number instead?
¿Por qué no me das tu número mejor?
¿pohr keh noh meh dahs too nOOmeh-roh meh-hohr?

What’s your address?
¿Puedo anotar tu dirección?
¿pweh-doh ah-noh-tahr too dee-rehk-see-OHn?

Here’s my phone number (and address).
Aquí tienes mi número de teléfono (y dirección).
ah-kEE tee-ehn-ehs mee nOO-meh-roh deh teh-lEH-foh-noh (ee dee-rehk-see-OHn).

This is my [cel/hotel/home/work] number.
Éste es mi número [de cel/en el hotel/de casa/en el trabajo].
EHs-teh ehs mee nOO-meh-roh [deh sehl / ehn ehl oh-tehl / deh kah-sah / ehn ehl trah-bah-hoh].

Give me your e-mail.
Dame tu [e-mail / correo electrónico].
dah-meh too [eh-mayl / kohr-reh-oh eh-lehk-trOH-nee-koh].

Do you have email? Write you phone number down, too.
Tienes correo electrónico? Escribe también tu número telefónico.
tee-eh-nehs kohr-reh-oh eh-lehk-trOH-nee-koh? ehs-kree-beh tahm-bee-EHn too nOO-meh-roh teh-leh-fOH-nee-koh.

Here’s my business card.
Toma mi tarjeta de negocios.
toh-mah mee tahr-heh-tah deh neh-goh-see-ohs.

Do you have something to write [with /on]?
¿Tienes algo para escribir?
¿tee-eh-nehs ahl-goh pah-rah ehs-kree-beer?

Calling details:

Call me.

Call me [on my cell / at my hotel / at home / at work].
Llámame [a mi cel / al hotel / en casa / al trabajo].
yAH-mah-meh [ah mee sehl / ahl oh-tehl / ehn kah-sah / ahl trah-bah-hoh].

Don’t call me [on my cell / at my hotel / at home / at work].
No me llames [a mi cel / al hotel / en casa / al trabajo].
noh meh yah-mehs [ah mee sehl / ahl oh-tehl / ehn kah-sah / ahl trah-bah-hoh].

I’ll call you.
Te llamo.
teh yah-moh.

Leave a voice mail message if I don’t answer.
Deja un mensaje de voz si no contesto.
deh-hah oon mehn-sah-heh deh vohs see noh kohn-tehs-toh.

Leave a message on the answering machine if I don’t answer.
Deja un mensaje en la máquina contestadora si no contesto.
deh-hah oon mehn-sah-heh ehn lah mAH-kee-nah kohn-tehs-tah-doh-rah see noh kohn-tehs-toh.

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