Sexy Spanish Phrases

Here’s a few sexy Spanish phrases  you can use to talk about someone being sexy:

You have a sexy smile.
Tienes una sonrisa muy sensual.
tee-eh-nehs oo-nah sohn-ree-sah mwee sehn-soo-ahl.

You have a sexy body.
Tienes un cuerpo sexy.
tee-ehn-ehs ooh kwehr-poh sehk-see.

I like your body.
Me gusta tu cuerpo.
meh goos-tah too kwehr-poh.

You can also take it a step further and let them know that they are turning you on:

I want to rip all your clothes off.
Quiero resgar apagado toda su ropa.
kee-ehr-oh rehs-gahr ah-pah-gah-doh toh-dah soo roh-pah.

I want to kiss you all over your body.
Quiero besar todas las partes de tu cuerpo.
kee-ehr-oh beh-sahr toh-dahs lahs pahr-tehs deh too kwehr-poh.

I think you’re the sexiest [guy/girl] I’ve ever met.
Creo que eres [el hombre/la chica] más sexy que he conocido.
kre-oh kay eh-rehs [ehl ohm-breh/lah chee-kah] MAS sehk-see kay eh koh-noh-see-doh.

I want you.
Te deseo.
teh deh-seh-oh.

Touch me.
toh-kah meh.

That feels good.
Se siente rico.
seh see-ehn-teh ree-koh.

You are turning me on.
Me excitas.

I’m horny.
Estoy caliente.
ehs-toy kah-lee-ehn-teh.

Spanish phrases for moving to a more intimate location.

Let’s go lie down.
Vamos a acostarnos.
vah-mohs ah ah-koh-stahr-nohs.

Let’s go to the bedroom.
Vamos a la habitación.
vah-mohs ah lah ah-bee-tah-see-OHn.

Want to take a shower?
¿Quieres ducharte?
¿kee-eh-rehs doo-chahr-teh?

Want to take a shower together?
¿Quieres que nos duchemos juntos?
¿kee-eh-rehs keh nohs doo-cheh-mohs hoon-tohs?

Want to take a bath?
¿Quieres bañarte?
¿kee-eh-rehs bah-nyahr-teh?

Want to take a bath together?
¿Quieres que nos bañemos juntos?
¿kee-eh-rehs keh nohs bah-nyeh-mohs hoon-tohs?


Can I give you a massage?
¿Puedo darte un masaje?
¿pweh-doh dahr-teh oon mah-sah-heh?

Want a massage?
¿Quieres que te dé un masaje?
¿kee-eh-rehs keh teh dEH oon mah-sah-heh?

(A little) harder.
(Un poco) más fuerte.
(oon poh-koh) mAHs fwehr-teh.

(A little) softer.
(Un poco) más suave.
(oon poh-koh) mAHs swah-veh.

Does that feel good?
¿Te gusta?
¿teh goos-tah?

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4 Responses

  1. ananda says:

    These phrases are really helpful. I’m half Mexican but still learning Spanish. My man will love the words I put on him. I’m excited to see what more you have for me to learn.

  2. Alexis says:

    Some aren’t very accurate (I want to rip your clothes off) but for the most part pretty good

  3. Warren says:

    This really helps thanks. I’m leaning what Duo Lingo doesn’t cover.

  4. Joanne says:

    Everything’s good, except for the “I want to rip all your clothes off” is resgar even a word?

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