Social Circle Spanish – Hooking up through friends

Here’s some phrases you can use with locals you already know a bit to find out info about their friends and social circle. These phrases work both ways, they can also be used if someone is interested in your friends you are with.

Do you know_____?
¿Conoces a _____?
¿koh-noh-sehs ah _____?

that girl
esa chica
eh-sah chee-kah

that woman
esa mujer
eh-sah moo-hehr

that girl over there
aquella chica
ah-keh-yah chee-kah

that woman over there
aquella mujer
ah-keh-yah moo-hehr

Is _____ your friend?
¿Es _____ tu amigo/a?
¿ehs _____ too ah-mee-goh/ah?

that guy
ese tipo
eh-seh tee-poh

that man
ese hombre
eh-seh ohm-breh

that guy over there
aquel tipo
ah-kehl tee-poh

that man over there
aquel hombre
ah-kehl ohm-breh


Asking about somebody’s friend:

Who is your friend?
¿Quién es tu amigo/a?
¿kee-EHn ehs too ah-mee-goh/ah?

[He/She] looks so familiar.
La cara de [él/ella] es muy familiar.
lah kah-rah deh [ ] ehs mwee fah-meel-ee-ahr.

Don’t I know [him/her]?
Me parece que [lo/la] conozco.
meh pah-reh-seh keh [loh/lah] koh-nohs-koh.

I’ve seen [him/her] before.
[Lo/La] he visto antes.
[ loh/lah] eh vees-toh ah  ahn-tehs.

What’s [he/she] like?
¿Cómo es?
¿kOH-moh ehs?

I’d like to meet [him/her].
Me gustaría conocerlo/la.
meh goos-tah-rEE-ah koh-noh-sehr-loh/ah.

Can you introduce us?
¿Nos puedes presentar?
¿nohs pweh-dehs preh-sehn-tahr?


This is _____.
Te presento a _____.
teh preh-sehn-toh ah _____.

This is my friend _____. (female)
Ésta es mi amiga _____.
EHs-tah ehs mee ah-mee-gah _____.

This is [her/his] friend _____. (female)
Ésta es su amiga _____.
EHs-tah ehs soo ah-mee-gah _____.

This is my friend _____. (male)
Éste es mi amigo _____.
EHs-teh ehs mee ah-mee-goh _____.

This is [her/his] friend _____. (male)
Éste es su amigo _____.
EHs-teh ehs soo ah-mee-goh _____.

Background about friends:

How do you know [him/her]?
¿Cómo [lo/la] conoces?
¿kOH-moh [loh/lah] koh-noh-sehs?

How do [you/they] know each other?
¿Cómo se conocen? (Directed to two people or a group)
¿kOH-moh seh koh-noh-sehn?

How long have [you/they] known each other?
¿Hace cuánto tiempo se conocen?
¿ah-seh kwAHn-toh tee-ehm-poh seh koh-noh-sehn?

We’ve been friends for _____.
Somos amigos/as por _____.
soh-mohs ah-mee-gohs/ahs pohr _____.

Not so fast:

Careful with [him/her].
Ten cuidado con [él/ella].
tehn kwee-dah-doh kohn [EHl / eh-yah].

Don’t get involved with [him/her].
No te metas con [él/ella].
noh teh meh-tahs kohn [EHl / eh-yah].

Go for it:

You should get to know [him/her] .
Deberías conocerlo/a.
deh-beh-rEE-ahs koh-noh-sehr-loh/ah.

[You/They] are made for each other.
Son tal para cual.
sohn tahl pah-rah-cwahl.

Finding out if someone has a boyfriend or girlfriend:

Does she have a boyfriend?
¿Tiene novio?
¿tee-ehn-eh noh-vee-oh?

Does he have a girlfriend?
¿Tiene novia?
¿tee-ehn-eh noh-vee-ah?

Or ask them directly:

Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend?
¿Tienes novio/a?
¿tee-ehn-ehs noh-vee-oh/ah?

Remember in Spanish you don’t say “Does she have a boyfriend?” you just say “Does she have boyfriend?” When asking if someone is single, you use a conjugation of ser or estar as the verb. Depending on the area where you are, you might find one used more than the other, but they are generally interchangeable.

He/She is single.
Está soltero/a. (estar)
eh-STAH sohl-TEH-roh/ah.

He/She is single.
Es soltero/a. (ser)
ehs sohl-TEH-roh/ah.

Finding out who someone lives with:

Lots more in this post about background info.

Does she live by herself?
¿Vive sola (ella)?
¿vee-veh soh-lah (eh-yah)?

Does he live by himself?
¿Vive solo (él)?
¿vee-veh soh-loh (Éhl)?

Who does [he/she] live with?
¿Con quién vive (él/ella)?
¿kohn kee-EHn vee-veh ( )?

[He/She] lives alone.
(Él/Ella) vive solo/a.
( ) vee-veh soh-loh/ah.

She lives with her _____.
(Ella) vive con su(s) _____.
(eh-yah) vee-veh kohn soo(s) _____.

friend (guy)

mees pah-drehs



marido / esposo
mah-ree-doh / ehs-poh-soh

[He/She] has a room mate.
(Él/Ella) comparte piso.
( ) kohm-pahr-teh pee-soh.

He lives with his _____.
(Él) vive con su(s) _____.
(EHL) vee-veh kohn soo(s) _____.

friend (girl)




mujer / esposa
moo-hehr / ehs-poh-sah


Finding out how serious a relationship is

If you like someone who is already dating someone or in a relationship here are some ways to find out how serious or casual it is.

They’re just fooling around?
¿Sólo se están divirtiendo?
¿SOH-loh seh ehs-tAHn dee-veer-tee-ehn-doh?

They’re friends with benefits?
¿Son amigos con derechos?
¿sohn ah-mee-gohs kohn deh-reh-chohs?

They are boyfriend/girlfriend?
¿Son novios?
¿sohn NOH-vee-ohs?

They’re serious?
¿Andan de novios?
¿ahn-dahn deh noh-vee-ohs?

They are engaged?
¿Están prometidos?
¿eh-STAHN proh-meh-TEE-dohs?

They’re married?
¿Están casados?
¿eh-STAHN kah-sah-dohs?

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