System to Seduce Latin Women

I mentioned System to Seduce Latin Women in my post a week ago. I bought it so I thought I’d give it a review. It’s by a guy named Esteban who’s been teaching guys in South America how to seduce Latinas for 5 years. He’s taught over 50 bootcamps where he takes guys out to bars and clubs and teaches them to hook up with Latinas. He’s appeared on TV shows and in newspapers and magazines in South America.

The guts of this course are three ebooks and three audio interviews. The main ebook covers seducing Latinas. The second ebook is shorter and covers what kind of humor works and what doesn’t. The third book is also short and shows how to deal with the flake factor common with Latin women. The three audio interviews are with some well known dating/seduction coaches in the US about dating/seducing Latinas.


I’ll just make a list of some of the stuff covered in the main ebook so you have an idea of what to expect:

The mindset of Latinas and how they evaluate gringos or men not from their culture.

Appearance and grooming tips that Latinas are particular about regarding men.

How to project high value at night spots.

The ways he recommends to approach them including during the day.

Starting conversations with Latinas (with translations to Spanish).

Calling and texting them.

The pre-paid cel phone setup that’s common in Latin America and how to deal with it.

Conversation topics and how to treat them when you go out.

Some Spanish phrases he recommends you use.

The right way to handle the first kiss.

The ways Latin culture is different and how to deal with it.

A short review of many of the countries in Latin America and what the girls are like in each one.

Online dating and how to set up a good profile on Latin dating sites.

Some copy and paste lines in Spanish you can use with the dating sites.

Their shit tests and how to deal with them.

What you need to know if you’re going to have a serious relationship with a Latina.

What their behavior is normally like according to their age.

How Latin women differ from western women.

Constructive compliments.

How attraction works inside her mind and how to trigger it.

Having sex with Latinas and how to make it happen.

Check out System to Seduce Latin Women here

The second ebook is a short book on using humor with Latinas. He covers what topics to avoid and which work best along with some examples. The third ebook tackles the flake factor of Latinas and his tactics for overcoming it.

The three audio interviews are with US dating/seduction gurus. All three had Latin girlfriends at the time of the interviews but to me the interviews seemed more about what it was like dating Latinas rather than any groundbreaking information that you could apply. The ebooks have more practical advice.

There’s also a few more ebooks and audio files by other seduction authors that he includes with the regular course but they are about women in general and not Latinas. I haven’t gone through any of those. There’s also an optional upgrade but the upgrade is about hooking up with women in general and not focused on Latinas like the regular course so I skipped it.

So what’s my honest take on the program?

It’s pretty much standard game material adjusted for Latinas and the Latin culture. There was nothing revolutionary but it was interesting to see what a guy from South America had to say.

If you are already having a lot of success seducing Latinas this program isn’t necessary.

If you already have good game but want to know how to adjust it for Latinas this program might make sense.

If you’ve tried hooking up with Latinas and haven’t gotten the success you expected or if you haven’t had much experience with Latinas then it will help get you up to speed.

Check out System to Seduce Latin Women here


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3 Responses

  1. Blake says:

    what about a book on seducing latin men and what to expect when dating them?

    • Jason says:

      Girls seducing Latin men or other guys seducing them? Either way I bet the market for the book would be a lot smaller because the task is easier. Holds true in any culture- look at the size difference between the “pick up girls” market vs. the “pick up guys” market, it’s no contest..

  2. Jason says:

    Anybody else on Estaban’s email list? For months he’s done nothing but shill generic “pick-up girls” programs he makes a cut from. I stand by my review of his course but his “newsletter” is another story. If he’s only sending out emails selling generic garbage just unsubscribe.

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