The Right Way To Use “Put” During Sex- Poner Vs. Meter

A native speaker of Spanish once told me that Spanish tends to be a more precise language than English. One way this shows up is we might use the same word in a number of different situations whereas in Spanish they would use a specific word for each situation. An example of this is the word “put.”

Usually the first Spanish translation people learn for the verb “put” is poner. Poner is used in examples like:

Put it on your bed.
Ponlo en tu cama.
pohn-loh ehn too kah-mah.

Put a condom on.
Ponte un condón.
pohn-teh oon kohn-dOHn.

Put your clothes on.
Ponte la ropa.
pohn-teh la ropa.


Then there are other examples where we say “put” in English but a different word instead of poner is used in Spanish. Here’s where it becomes more precise. If you talk about putting something on something else you use poner. But if you’re talking about putting something inside something else use meter. So poner for “put on” and meter for “put in” or “insert.” 

Use meter instead of poner if you’re in bed and talking about sex:

I want to put it inside you.
Quiero metértela.
kee-ehr-oh meh-tEHr-teh-lah.

Put it inside me.

Or if you don’t want to…

Don’t put it inside you.
No te la metas.
noh teh lah meh-tahs. 

Don’t put it inside me.
No me la metas.
noh meh lah meh-tahs. 

If you’re talking about the mouth or ass add en la boca (in the mouth) or por el culo (in the ass) to the end of the phrases listed above. Example:

I want to put it in your mouth.
Quiero metértela en la boca.
kee-ehr-oh meh-tEHr-teh-lah  ehn lah boh-kah.

Probably the closest translation of meter would be “insert” but don’t worry about it sounding too clunky and formal; it’s the casual, natural way to say the above phrases.

There is a word for “penetrate” – penetrar but that’s more a word lawyers would use instead of lovers.

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