“Where Are You From” In Spanish

Where are you from:

You’re not from here, are you?
No eres de aquí, ¿verdad?
noh eh-rehs deh ah-kEE, ¿vehr-dahd?

Where are you from?
¿De dónde eres?
¿deh dOHN-deh eh-rehs?

Are you from _____?
¿Eres de _____?
¿ehr-rehs deh ____?



New Zealand
Nueva Zelanda
nweh-vah seh-lahn-dah

South Africa


I’m from _____.
Soy de _____.
soy de _____.




the United States
los Estados Unidos
lohs ehs-tah-dohs oo-nee-dohs


But I live here.
Pero vivo aquí.
peh-roh vee-voh ah-kEE.

But I live in _____.
Pero vivo en _____.
peh-roh vee-voh ehn _____.

Using humor can help ratchet up the attraction someone has towards you if used the right away. When you are traveling in Latin American or Spain there’s standard questions you’ll be asked all the time in Spanish by the locals.

How many times have you been traveling and met a local and he/she asks:

Where are you from?
De dónde eres?
¿deh dOHn-deh ehr-ehs?

Sure you can answer correctly and tell her where you’re from but to be honest this probably isn’t as interesting as you think it is.

Try this instead. Find out the worst, most dangerous neighborhood in the city or area you are in. You can ask a cabbie, waitress or any local you are talking to. This works best if it’s a barrio that only the locals know and not a place that foreigners have heard of. (Hint: It’s better if it’s not mentioned in the Lonely Planet guidebook you are carrying around.)

So she asks where you’re from and you respond by saying the worst barrio in the city:

Her: Really? Hahaha…
Her: ¿De veras? Jajaja…
Her: ¿deh vehr-ahs? ha-ha-ha…

You: Seriously, all my tattoos say (name of barrio).
You: En serio, todos mis tatuajes dicen (name of barrio).
You: ehn seh-ree-oh, toh=dohs mees tah-twah-hehs dee-sehn (name of barrio).

Her: Hahaha, let me see them!
Her: Jajaja, dejame verlos!
Her: ha-ha-ha, deh-hah-meh, vehr-lohs!

You: They’re in places I can’t show you.
You: Están en lugares que no te puedo mostrar.
You: ehs-tAHn ehn loo-gahr-ehs kay noh teh pweh-doh moh-stahr.

Her: Hahaha…….

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