Will You Marry Me In Spanish

Uh-oh… You’ve found the person that you want to be with for the rest of your life and are going to pop the question? There are many ways you can propose in Spanish. Let’s start with the basics.

Here are three ways to pop the question in Spanish from most confident to least:

Marry me.
Cásate conmigo.
kAh-sah-teh kohn-mee-goh.

Will you marry me?
¿Quieres casarte conmigo?
kee-YEHR-ehs cah-SAHR-teh cohn-MEE-goh

Would you marry me?
¿Te casarías conmigo?
¿teh cah-sah-rEE-ahs kohn mee-goh?

Here are some ways to respond:

I want to marry you.
Quiero casarme contigo.
kee-yehr-oh kah-sahr-meh kohn-tee-goh.

I will marry you.
Me casaré contigo.
meh kah-sah-rEH kohn-tee-goh.

One day I will marry you.
Algún dia me casaré contigo.
ahl-gOOn dEE-ah kah-sah-rEH kohn-tee-goh.

I can’t marry you.
No puedo casarme contigo.
noh pweh-doh kah-sahr-meh kohn-tee-goh.

Here are some phrases about proposing marriage. None of these three actually mention marriage in the sentence so if you want to make sure it’s understood that way you can end any sentence with en matrimonio. So instead of the translation being “He proposed to her” you would be saying “He proposed marriage to her.”

I proposed to her.
Me le declaré (a ella).
meh leh deh-clahr-EH (ah eh-yah).

He proposed to me.
Se me declaró.
seh meh deh-clahr-OH.

He proposed to her.
Se le declaró (a ella).
seh leh deh-clahr-OH (ah eh-yah).

If the answer is yes, here are some more phrases:

This is my fiancé. (a guy)
Este es mi prometido.
ehs-teh ehs mee proh-meh-tee-doh.

This is my fiancée. (a girl)
Esta es mi prometida.
ehs-tah ehs mee proh-meh-tee-dah.

The root Spanish verb used below when talking about being engaged is comprometerse.  You’ll probably find this most common in Latin America. When in Spain swap out comprometerse for prometerse. (Just drop the “com” from the verb.)

to be engaged
estar comprometido/a para casarse
ehs-tahr kohm-proh-meh-tee-doh/ah pah-rah kah-sahr-seh

I’m engaged.
Estoy comprometido/a.
ehs-toy kohm-proh-meh-tee-doh/ah.

Who are you engaged to?
¿Con quien estás comprometido?
¿kohn kee-ehn ehs-tAHs koh-proh-meh-tee-doh?

We got engaged.
Nos comprometimos.
nohs kohm-proh-meh-tee-mohs.

We’re engaged.
Estamos comprometidos.
ehs-tah-mohs kohm-proh-meh-tee-dohs.

He (or she) got engaged.
Se comprometió.
seh kohm-proh-meh-tee-OH.

He (or she) is engaged.
Está comprometido/a.
Ehs-tAH kohm-proh-meh-tee-doh/ah.

bachelor party
despedida de soltero
dehs-peh-dee-dah deh sohl-tehr-oh

engagement ring
anillo de compromiso
ah-nee-yoh deh kohm-proh-mee-soh.

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