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So the word “sex” in Spanish is easy, just add an “o” to the end of the word. The phrase “to have sex” uses the Spanish word for “to have” which is tener. There’s more on sex related phrases on the Spanish sex phrases page.


to have sex
tener sexo
teh-nehr sehks-oh

Related words like “oral sex” and “anal sex” are the same in Spanish as in English but the order is reversed.

Translations related to safe sex and unprotected sex are on this other page about safe sex, condoms and birth control:

safe sex
sexo seguro
sehks-soh seh-goo-roh

unprotected sex
sexo sin protección
sehks-oh seen

Here’s a few other sex words:

hardcore sex
sexo a lo duro
sehks-oh ah loh doo-roh

sex position
postura sexual
pohs-too-rah sehks-oo-ahl

kinky sex
sexo morboso
sehks-oh mohr-boh-soh

If you want to say you had sex with someone you can say:

I had sex with her last week.
Tuve sexo con ella la semana pasada.
too-veh sehks-oh kohn eh-yah lah seh-mah-nah pah-sah-dah.

I had sex with him last week.
Tuve sexo con él la semana pasada.
too-veh sehks-oh kohn Ehl lah seh-mah-nah pah-sah-dah.

Here’s how to tell someone you want to have sex with them:

I want to have sex with you.
Quiero tener sexo contigo.
kee-yehr-oh teh-nehr sehks-oh kohn-tee-goh.

Or if you don’t want to be so blunt:

I want you.
Te deseo.
teh deh-seh-oh.

You can soften this a bit by using “make love” which is extremely common in Spanish. Note that in Spanish they say “make the love” instead of “make love.”

make love
hacer el amor
ah-sehr ehl ah-mohr

I want to make love with you.
Quiero hacer el amor contigo.
kee-yehr-oh ah-sehr-eh

This post about Spanish sex phrases has a lot of ways to say this from soft to direct.

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Slowing things down:


Not so fast.
No tan de prisa.
noh tahn deh pree-sah.

I’m not ready.
No estoy listo/a.
noh ehs-toy lees-toh/ah.

It’s too soon.
Me …