Spanish Sex Phrases

When it comes to sexual phrases in Spanish a lot of countries have their own specific slang. With that in mind I’ve tried to list phrases here that are common and understood in any Spanish speaking country.

Here’s some ways to say you want to have sex from soft to direct:

I want to make love to you.
Quiero hacerte el amor.
kee-yehr-oh ah-sehr-teh ehl ah-mohr.

I want to make love to you all night long.
Quiero hacerte el amor toda la noche.
kee-yehr-oh ah-sehr-teh ehl ah-mohr toh-dah lah no-cheh.

Let’s make love.
Hagamos el amor.
ah-gah-mohs ehl ah-mohr.

Make love to me. 
Hazme el amor. 
ahs-meh ehl ah-mohr.

Let’s do it.

I want to have sex with you.
Quiero tener sexo contigo.
kee-yeh-roh teh-nehr seks-soh koh-tee-goh.

Let’s have sex.
Tengamos sexo.
tehn-gah-mohs seks-soh.

I want to fuck you.
Quiero follarte. (Spain)
kee-yehr-oh foh-yahr-teh.

I want to fuck you.
Quiero cogerte. (Latin America)
kee-yehr-oh koh-hehr-teh.

Let’s fuck.
Follemos. (Spain)

Let’s fuck.
Cojamos. (Latin America)

Everyone likes compliments about how great they are in bed. Here’s some ways to compliment someone’s performance.

Here’s a couple ways to say “I love it“:

Me encanta. 
meh ehn-kahn-tah.

Qué rico. 
kEH ree-koh.

You’re great in bed. 
Eres fabuloso/a en la cama. 
eh-rehs fah-boo-loh-soh/ah ehn lah kah-mah.

And if your eyes got dislodged from their sockets from the intensity…

That was the best sex I’ve ever had. 
Ha sido el mejor sexo de mi vida. 
ah see-doh ehl meh-hohr sehks-oh deh mee vee-dah.

Some of the Spanish sex slang below varies from country to country, look up the English term in the Hook Up Spanish Dictionary for other slang. Plug and play with the phrases and words below. Take a phrase and use one of the words below to fill in the blank.

I (don’t) like _____.
(No) me gusta _____.
(noh) meh goos-tah _____.

I love _____.
Me encanta _____.
meh ehn-kahn-tah _____.

to kiss

gentle sex
la ternura
lah tehr-noo-rah

to masturbate

to eat pussy
comer [el/la] chocho/a
koh-mehr [ehl/lah] choh-choh/ah

to put it in your mouth
metértela en la boca
meh-tEHr-teh-lah ehn lah boh-kah

to get sucked *
que me la mamen
keh meh lah mah-mehn

to fuck

do it doggy style
hacerlo a cuatro patas
ah-sehr-loh ah kwaht-roh pah-tahs

You (don’t) like _____? 
¿(No) te gusta _____? *
¿(noh) teh goos-tah _____?

I want _____.
Quiero _____.
kee-eh-roh _____.

safe sex
el sexo seguro
ehl seh-ksoh seh-goo-roh

rough sex
el sexo duro
ehl seh-ksoh doo-roh

to masturbate you

to get eaten out *
que me lo coman
keh meh loh koh-mahn

to put it in my mouth
metérmela en la boca
meh-tEHr-meh-lah ehn lah boh-kah

to suck cock

to be fucked *
que me cojan
keh meh koh-hahn

to sixty-nine
hacer el sesenta y nueve
ah-sehr ehl seh-sehn-tah ee nweh-veh

* Don’t use any phrase with an asterisk with the phrase “¿(No) te gusta _____?”  It won’t make any sense.

Q: How do you say “one” and “first” in Spanish, differentiating between masculine and feminine forms?
A: In Spanish, “one” is translated as “uno” (masculine) and “una” (feminine). “First” is translated as “primero” (masculine) and “primera” (feminine).

Q: How do I translate the phrase, “Whenever I’m near you, I get wet” or “You are making me wet” in Spanish?
A: The translations are as follows:

  • You make me wet = Me haces mojada
  • However, some suggest the correct term is “húmeda” for moist, and “mojada” for wet. In sexual contexts, “Mmm papi, me pones tan mojada” or “Me estás poniendo bien mojada” can be used.

Q: How do you translate expressions related to climaxing in Spanish?
A: Translations differ based on the region:

  • I’m coming/cumming = Me estoy corriendo (Spain) or Ya me vengo (Latin America)
  • For other related phrases, use verbs like “correrse” (Spain), “venirse”, “acabar”, and “terminar” (Latin America), and conjugate them accordingly.

Q: How do you translate explicit expressions like “fuck me harder”, “your dick is so big”, “eat my pussy”, and others?
A: These phrases are quite explicit. Some translations for you:

  • Cojeme más duro
  • Tu pene está grande
  • Cómeme la pepa
  • Metémelo más ondo
  • Vente en mi cara

A: The translations for the last two phrases you’ve provided are:

Q: How do you say, “I am attracted to your personality, not to your dick”?
A: Me atrae tu personalidad, no tu pene.

Q: How do you say, “please be my first bi-curious experiment” in Spanish?
A: Por favor, sé mi primer experimento bicurioso.

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