Having The Hots For Someone

The simplest, most common way to say you have the hots for someone is just to use me gusta:

I like [him/her].
Me gusta.
meh goos-tah.

I like you.
Me gustas.
meh goos-tahs.

In English there’s plenty of colloquial ways to say something similar. Spanish, of course, also has colloquial ways to say the same thing. All of these Spanish phrases are common ways of saying you have a crush on somebody along with their similar equivalents in English:

I’ve lost my head over [him/her].
Perdí la cabeza por [él/ella].
pehr-dEE lah kah-beh-sah pohr [EHl/eh-yah].

I’m crazy about him.
Estoy loca por él.
ehs-toy loh-kah pohr EH.

I’m hung up over her.  (not necessarily in bad way)
Estoy colgado por ella.
ehs-toy kohl-gah-doh pohr eh-yah.

In some countries you might hear colado instead of colgado. They sound similar. When you’re talking about attraction they mean the same thing. Their literal meanings are different- colgado means hung, colado translates to something like cleansed, bleached or strained/filtered.

In addition to words like loco/a and colgado/a other words that could be plugged into the above phrases are chiflado and pillado. They all mean to be attracted or having a crush on someone when used in this context.

The normal meaning of “crush” is a verb – “I crushed the can” –  but when using it as a slang term for being attracted to someone it’s used as a noun – “I’ve got a crush on him.” There isn’t a direct translation of “crush” in its slang noun form that I’m aware of. Probably the closest translation would be enamoramiento. This is a noun that describe the act of falling in love. It could also translate to “infatuation.”

I’ve had a crush on [him/her] for a long time.
He tenido un enamoramiento con [él/ella] desde hace mucho tiempo.
eh teh-nee-doh oon ehn-ah-moh-rah-mee-ehn-toh  kohn [EHl/eh-yah] dehs-deh ah-seh moo-choh tee-ehm-poh.

It’s an innocent crush, nothing more.
Es un enamoramiento inocente, nada más.
ehs oon ehn-ah-moh-rah-mee-ehn-toh een-noh-sehn-teh, nah-dah mAHs.

If you want to use “crush” as a noun for the actual person you’re attracted to you can do that in Spanish:

My crush is over there by the door.
Mi cuelgue está allá por la puerta.
mee kwehl-geh ehst-AH ah-yAH pohr lah pwehr-tah.

If the feelings are more than a crush you can use the L word:

I’m in love with you.
Estoy enamorado/a de ti.
ehs-toy ehn-ah-moh-rah-doh/ah deh tee.  

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