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The word in Spanish for “kiss” is beso (beh-soh). The verb for “to kiss” is besar (beh-sahr). In most cases it’s sexier to just go for a kiss rather than talking about it or, worse yet, asking for a kiss. Don’t say phrases like “can I kiss you?” I suppose if you’re a girl it can seem kind of endearing but for a guy to say that just comes across as weak unless you’re joking or being sarcastic. If you’re going to bring up kissing it’s better to tell them to kiss you instead of asking for it.

Here’s how to say “kiss me” in Spanish:

Kiss me.

Here’s how to say “give me a kiss” in Spanish:

Give me a kiss.
Dame un beso.
dah-meh oon beh-soh.

If you want to say “little kiss” instead of using the literal translation beso pequeño it’s better to say besito. The same applies for “big kiss.” It’s better to say besote than beso grande. So in a phrase these would look like this:

Give me a little kiss.
Dame un besito.
dah-meh oon beh-see-toh.

There’s some circumstances where saying things like “I want to kiss you” can be ok, like if you’re in a situation with them where you can’t kiss them at that moment. Here’s how to say “I want to kiss you” in Spanish:

I want to kiss you.
Quiero besarte.
kee-ehr-oh beh-sahr-teh.

Even though adiós means “goodbye,” the translation of “goodbye kiss” is said differently:

goodbye kiss (or goodnight kiss)
beso de despedida
beh-soh deh dehs-peh-dee-dah.

For “French kiss” it’s common to say “kiss with tongue” or “kiss of tongue” along with the literal tranlation.

French kiss
beso con lengua (or) beso de lengua (or) beso francés
beh-soh kohn lehn-gwah (or) beh-soh deh lehn-gwah (or) beh-soh frahn-sehs

For the verb “to French kiss” just change the noun beso to the verb besar:

to French kiss
besar con lengua
beh-sahr kohn lehn-gwah

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14 Responses

  1. Hannah says:

    How would I tell a man I want to kiss him all over his body?

    • Jason says:

      Hannah, you can say:
      “Quiero besar todo tu cuerpo”

  2. monica says:

    How would i say to a man, “i have waited all my life for your kiss”?

    • Jason says:

      You could say…. Yo he esperado toda mi vida por tu beso

  3. christian says:

    How do I say I miss your beautiful smile!?

  4. Jessica says:

    How do I say want to kiss?

    • Jason says:

      ¿Quieres besar?
      ¿kee-eh-rehs beh-sahr?

      Like I said in the article I wouldn’t recommend a guy to say that unless it’s with some humor. To ask it seriously comes across weak and unconfident. For a girl to say it it’s not as bad.

    • Cassie says:

      You’re asking how to tell a person YOU want to kiss? Yo quiero besar..

  5. Blake says:

    how about asking the guy to kiss. instead of the command kiss me, how would you say please will you kiss me, or please kiss me.

    • Jason says:

      Sorry for the late response. Blake? Are you a girl asking a guy to kiss or a guy asking a guy to kiss? Actually, it doesn’t matter… either way I wouldn’t recommend politely asking “please will you kiss me.” Ratcheting up the passion with the command “kiss me” will be better in 99% of circumstances.

    • Cassie says:

      If you’re asking “Would you please kiss me?” You would say “¿Podrías por favor besarme?”


      If you’re just saying “Please kiss me.” You would say “Por favor, bésame.”

      But Jason is right. It sounds so much sexier to just exclaim “kiss me!” So you would look at him/her in a way that your whole body is screaming “I want you!” And say “Bésame!”

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