Love At First Sight

There’s a few different ways to say “love at first sight” in Spanish with both direct translations and more colloquial ways to say it.

If you’ve learned some Spanish you probably know the translation of “view” is vista. But vista also has some other meanings to it. It can mean “eyesight,” “sight,” “foresight” and even “gaze.” So the most direct translation for “love at first sight” would be:

It was love at first sight.
Fue amor a primera vista.
fweh ah-mohr ah pree-meh-rah vees-tah.

A more informal, colloquial way to say it is to use flechazo. In Spanish flecha means “arrow” and flechazo means “arrow wound” or “arrow shot.” So when you’re talking about “love at first sight” Spanish speakers use being hit by an arrow (Cupid’s obviously). Here’s a common way to say the same thing:

It was love at first sight.
Fue un flechazo. (literally: It was an arrow shot or arrow wound.)
fweh oon fleh-chah-zoh.

Those examples are passive ways to say it. If you want to put yourself into the phrase you could say:

I fell in love at first sight.
Me enamoré de un flechazo. (literally: I fell in love from an arrow shot.)
meh ehn-ahm-oh-rEH deh oon fleh-chah-soh.

These are similar ways to say it:

Tuve un flechazo desde el primer momento. (literally: I had an arrow wound from the first moment.)
too-veh oon fleh-chah-soh dehs-deh ehl pree-meer moh-mehn-toh.

Me dio un flechazo. (literally: Cupid gave me an arrow wound.)
meh dee-oh oon fleh-chah-soh.

In the above examples it’s a given that you fell in love immediately but it’s not so clear if your partner did as well. To make it clear you both felt that way you could go with:

Con nosotros fue un flechazo. (literally: With us it was an arrow shot.)
kohn nosotros fweh oon fleh-chah-soh.

Lo nuestro fue un flechazo. (literally: Our’s was an arrow shot.)
loh nwehs-troh fweh oon fleh-chah-soh.

If it wasn’t love at first sight but you’re gradually falling for someone you could go with one of these:

I’m getting to like you.
Me estás gustando.
meh ehs-tAHs goos-tahn-doh.

I’m falling in love with you.
Me estoy enamorando de ti.
meh ehs-toy ehn-ahm-oh-rahn-doh deh tee.

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