Sexy Spanish

This category, sexy Spanish, is kind of a catch-all for stuff that’s not covered in the other categories of dating, telling someone that you love them or sex in Spanish.

The posts in this category covers things like to how to communicate attractiveness, the difference between permanent and temporary compliments and caveats when talking about being horny. It also covers sexy Spanish phrases to ratchet up the interaction – telling them you want to rip their clothes off and how turned on your are, moving to a different location to get physical, giving massages, etc.

The word “sexy” has drifted over into the Spanish language. It’s spelled the same way and has the same meaning. Sometimes it’s also spelled sexi. So if you’ve spent the night with someone in the morning you can say:

Good morning, sexy.
Buenos días, sexy.
bweh-nohs dEE-ahs, sehk-see.

Since adjectives agree with the plural form of the noun they are modifying the plural form of sexy is sexis. Here’s an example of the plural form:

Look at those sexy girls.
Mira a esas chicas sexis.
mee-rah ah eh-sahs chee-kahs sehk-sees.

Probably the closest native Spanish word to “sexy” is sensual. The spelling is the same in English and Spanish but it’s considered a Spanish word instead of one borrowed from English.

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Me gusta.
meh goos-tah.

I like you.

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