A Guide to Dating Etiquette in Spanish

dating etiquette spanish phrases

Are you unsure of what to say on a date in Spanish? This guide has got you covered! Learn essential phrases like how to ask if your date enjoyed the event or place you visited, how to express your thoughts about the date, how to part ways, and even how to invite your date in. Remember, keeping it comfortable and respectful is key in any language! Happy dating!

Preparing for a night out in a Spanish-speaking country? Here are some handy phrases to help you have a fantastic time.

handy spanish phrases night out

Express your excitement with “Vamos de parranda (esta noche)” (Let’s party tonight) and make sure you have transportation covered with “Tomemos un taxi” (Let’s take a taxi). When you reach the venue, ask about entrance fees with “¿Cobran por entrar aquí?” (Do they charge to get in here?), and don’t forget to order drinks like a pro with phrases like “¿Cuánto valen las cervezas aquí?” (How much are the beers here?). Cheers to a great night with “¡Salud!” (Cheers)!